Livestock housing

T.C. v.d. Dool B.V. has more than 30 years of experience in lifting and renovating livestock buildings.

We have lifted numerous roofs on housing for cattle, poultry and pigs in that time. The results speak for themselves: more light, air, space and healthier animals. In addition, a very important aspect in the poultry sector is the space created to fit an extra floor. Building a new poultry house is not necessary to provide more space.


This procedure demands the specific knowhow an expert like T.C. v.d. Dool B.V. offers;

  • increasing the height of roofs
  • supplying and assembling:
    • wall and roof panels
    • intermediate floors
    • replacing asbestos roofs using insulated roof panels
    • replacing walls using insulated or non-insulated wall panels
    • adapting steel structures

We raise the height of your low greenhouses, industrial buildings and livestock buildings.

We realign your greenhouse.

We modify your venting systems and relocate your entire greenhouse.