Industrial buildings

Your business premises may have been built at a time when different requirements and standards applied. But that doesn't make every type of older building obsolete and unfit for further use. Increasing the height of the roof converts an older building into one suitable for decades of further use thanks to the added functionality. Dool International is specialised in lifting and renovating industrial buildings.

Lifting / renovating

Your premises may have been used for other purposes in the past. Or perhaps your operational processes have changed and increasing the roof height will boost your efficiency too? Or maybe you just need more room. Lifting the roof creates space to install a mezzanine floor or another storey. The result is identical to a new-build - but without the associated costs and time factor.

Custom made

All industrial buildings are different, but we deliver a custom project each time. In all dimensions imaginable. Our engineering department guarantees the quality of the premises meets your specifications and expectations. 

Work for us?

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