Paying close attention to sustainability is also essential for our company. This contributes to reducing our environmental impact and responds to the growing demands of conscious consumers for sustainable products and services. We are aware of our responsibility and strive to act accordingly to minimise our footprint.


Lifting and renovating greenhouses and industrial buildings is a sustainable choice in many ways. The alternative is often to completely demolish the existing structure and replace it with an entirely new one. Dool International ensures you have a positive impact on various aspects of sustainability that contribute to the future-proof value creation of your company.

Deciding to lift and renovate your greenhouse or industrial building significantly reduces the use of primary resources and raw materials. We ensure that the majority of the existing structure remains intact, lift the roof and only use new materials where necessary. This not only minimises the input of resources and new raw materials, it also minimises waste. The materials currently used have a longer useful life and are optimally utilised.

Choosing to lift the current structure means a lower input of resources and equipment to lay the foundations or mix concrete is not necessary. In addition, there are fewer transport movements as less raw material need to be supplied. Minimum use of large equipment and trailers adds up to significantly lower CO2 emissions.

Dool International can combine lifting the roof with an upgrade and renovation of your building, such as improving the insulation of an existing roof or making a roof suitable for solar panels. The walls of the building can also be renewed and replaced by alternatives with a higher insulation value. You can also apply for subventions for all these sustainability measures so you are not only choosing the most sustainable solution, but also the most cost-effective option.

Choosing Dool International is a conscious choice for the future. Creating a future-proof workspace in this innovative way is a perfect match with the goals of corporate social responsibility. Lower CO2 emissions and the minimum use of primary resources and raw materials are the result of a future-proof choice!


Insulation office

In 2023 we fully renovated the interior and exterior of our offices in Maasdijk. We complied with the latest standards for insulation.


Reuse of material

We try to reuse as much material as possible. The projects of Wensink (Groningen) and Van der Valk Shipyard (Waalwijk) are practical examples of this.


Separating waste streams

Waste separation promotes recycling, reduces environmental pollution, saves energy and contributes to a healthier planet. We are happy to play our part!

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Global Goals

The Global Goals are 17 goals set by the United Nations to build a greener, fairer and better world by 2030.

These goals have been designed to address urgent global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental conservation, peace and justice.

The Global Goals cover a wide range of themes with each goal attached to specific targets that must be achieved to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Pursuing these goals requires joint efforts at global, national and local levels, with the involvement and commitment of all sectors of society: governments, businesses, citizens and organisations. Dool International wants to contribute to taking action.

The ultimate goal is to build an inclusive, prosperous and sustainable world, so the planet is protected for future generations.

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