Planning to build a new greenhouse?
Make a good start: Trust the expertise of Dool International

Dool International is a worldwide supplier and builder of greenhouses.
We are located in Maasdijk, the Netherlands, in the middle of the Westland area.
Dool International designs, produces and builds entirely new greenhouses.
It is crucial that the greenhouse you construct meets your requirements for growing your crop efficiently, profitably and sustainably.
So choose a greenhouse from the country that has extensively perfected the development of greenhouses: the Netherlands.
You will also find a reliable partner in Dool International.
We have plenty of experience in realising greenhouse construction projects in numerous countries; we are well organised and provide the assurance of our in-house steel construction workshop.

Greenhouses have undergone significant developments in recent years, mainly in the field of construction, durability and light transmission. Dool International supplies and builds greenhouses according to the latest insights. Naturally, we take local circumstances into account, such as a high wind load or the risk of extreme snowfall: these are special circumstances that place additional demands on structures. In our designs, we also meet the particular requirements you set to optimise energy consumption and to produce sustainably.

100% custom made

Every greenhouse is different. Every project is made to measure, using our traditional Venlo type, the most versatile greenhouse for vegetables and flowers, as the starting point. We can provide any desired height, roof size, and glazing. Our engineering department guarantees the quality of the greenhouse you have in mind. We do this using the CASTA design program, which optimises constructions resulting in a sustainable greenhouse built with high-quality materials.

In-house steel construction workshop

Dool International has its own steel construction workshop, which produces according to the current standards in greenhouse construction.
With this reliable in-house steel producer, we not only have 100% certainty about the quality, but we also keep the planning under our own management.
We transport the parts produced in the Netherlands efficiently to any destination worldwide.

Complete with installations
If you are looking not only for a new greenhouse but also the installations,
we can also assist you with that. In cooperation with Dutch suppliers, we will deliver your greenhouse fully specked.
We’ll arrange shielding, heating, and anything else you need.
We work with regular partners who specialise in their sector and have been active internationally for years. This has the additional advantage for you that we coordinate the integration of activities and planning.

Building with Dutch craftsmanship

Dutch quality is one thing, but construction also determines the final result. That is why you can rest assured that we build with Dutch staff:
experienced greenhouse builders who are used to working efficiently all over the world. Our construction teams are well attuned to each other and work according to well-considered plans. If you wish, we are also open to working with local builders.
In all cases, supervision remains where it should be: with our own contractor.

Reliable and flexible

Dool International realises entirely new construction projects.
We are also the go-to specialist for renovating and lifting greenhouses.
We take pride in working practically and efficiently. We are flexible in our execution. Moreover, we keep our promises. This makes working with a partner like Dool International a real pleasure.
We specialise in realising projects of 1 up to approximately 5 hectares, anywhere in the world, for both vegetable production and horticulture.

If you want to get your plans for a new construction off to a good start, why not rely on our experience.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.