Many existing greenhouses no longer meet the requirements of growers. There is nothing technically wrong with these greenhouses, but growing a different crop or looking at cultivation methods from a new perspective has revealed the limitations. Building a completely new greenhouse is a costly investment. Certainly if you compare it with the alternative of raising the height of the greenhouse: the specialism of Dool International. Since 1934 we have been helping to future-proof growers by modernising their greenhouses.

Lifting / renovating

The conditions and technology used to cultivate greenhouse crops continually change. Today's greenhouses have a huge air capacity that can compensate better for climate fluctuations. Integrating new installations - such as a second climate screen installation, lighting or irrigation - is often impossible under the current circumstances. An extra cultivation layer or more space for processing may also be on a grower's wish-list. Once the greenhouse has been lifted it is technically completely up to date again.

New build / Custom made

Dool International designs, manufactures and constructs completely new greenhouses. It is crucial that the greenhouse you have built meets your requirements to grow your crop efficiently, profitably and sustainably. So choose a greenhouse from the country that pioneered and perfected the development of greenhouses: the Netherlands.

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