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We have a team of skilled professionals and offer more than 85 years of experience in this specialist field. For decades we have excelled in transforming the personal requirements and specifications of our customers into plans that deliver success.


Our company was founded three generations back by T.C. van den Dool in 1934 on Leeweg in De Lier in the Westland region of the Netherlands. The company was established because the N223 provincial road to Delft was built by the government at that time. The nursery he ran was located along the planned route of the N223, which forced him to move. He devised a way to roll his Westland-style grape growing greenhouse along rails to an adjacent plot. Due to his success, fellow growers approached him asking if he could do the same with their greenhouses. This signalled the start of the company that has evolved into Dool International we know today.

During the second world war, the municipality of 's-Gravenzande commissioned the company to move greenhouses to make space for the construction of the costal defences known as the Atlantic Wall. After the war, the flat panes of glass used to protect vegetables were replaced by taller, wooden constructions with an arched glass roof. This type of greenhouse was known as the Venlo greenhouse, named after the Dutch town of Venlo, where they were first developed. Every few years, growers had to bring in a new layer of substrate to grow their crops on. Adding this layer reduced the distance to the roof. Van den Dool was able to lift the Venlo greenhouses with jacks and lengthen the wooden pillars by placing chocks underneath them. Moving the old, Westland-style greenhouse also continued.

When the founder's son Kees joined the company in the 1960s, growers started to switch to high-wire cultivation. Consequently, greenhouses had to become taller. New business premises were built on Leeweg, followed by the third generation of the Dool family joining the company. Evert oversaw the expansion of Dool International in the 1970s and 1980s. The size of greenhouses continued to increase and lifting was often combined with new additions. The existing greenhouse was lifted and new bays were built at the same height. Dool International moved from Leeweg to its current address. Ad Kokshoorn and Vincent van den Dool jointly acquired the company from Evert. The company continued to expand in the 1990s and the 2000s. Lifting livestock houses and industrial buildings was added to the portfolio and the company also saw international growth. Dool France was established which enabled greenhouses in France to be lifted and renovated.

Vincent van den Dool and Marco van Ardenne are currently responsible for the daily operational management, while Dool France is managed by Jacco de Graaf. Our incredible team of specialists is still lifting and renovating greenhouses and industrial buildings worldwide. We supply and construct the most amazing, custom-made new greenhouses and structures for garden centres for national and international customers.



Dool International is your partner for innovative solutions for the renovation of your greenhouse or industrial building.



Our team has VCA (Health, Safety and the Environment) certification and receives continual training on new techniques and safety.



We keep our word. Our team guarantees quality and are highly motivated to ensure that your project is completed within the agreed timeframe.

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In all its activities, Dool International aims for an optimal combination of using skilled professionals, high-quality materials, a highly flexible approach and applying innovative thinking to create practical solutions.

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Dool International wants to create future-proof greenhouses and industrial buildings using unique products.

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