Lifting / renovating

Dool International can combine lifting the roof with an upgrade and renovation of your building, such as installing a new roof, or insulating an existing roof. Any glass or panels used in the building can also be renewed or replaced by products with a higher insulation value. This gives your premises a fresh, new look and increases the effective volume of your building.

How does it work?

Technically proven procedure
Dool International uses a proven, tried and tested procedure to lift industrial buildings. A system of hydraulic props is used to gradually lift the building in a series of compartments. The interconnected props are operated by pressurised air. This ensures a very gradual, smooth process so the stability of the existing structure is safeguarded during the lifting process. Depending on the construction and height of the existing building, we can life the roof to a height of six metres.

Whole process managed centrally
The existing pillars in the building are cut through and replaced by new pillars. As Dool International produces the steel pillars in its own workshop, we can work with every dimension necessary. We are also responsible for all the engineering the project involves. We can also coordinate the entire construction process for you. Our own teams takes care of construction on site, nationally and internationally. After completion, you can always rely on Dool International for after sales service.

100% reliability
A lifted industrial building is also a reliable industrial building. Dool International works in compliance with the requirements imposed on structural buildings by insurance companies.

Worldwide experience
Dool International has experience with all types of industrial buildings. We have enjoyed an excellent reputation in the industry since 1934. And we pride ourselves on being a pleasant partner to work with. Solution-focused, effective and reliable. What can we do for your industrial building?


100% reliability

A lifted greenhouse is also a reliable greenhouse. Your lifted greenhouse also complies with all the standards set by insurers.


Worldwide experience

Dool International has experience with all types of greenhouses. We have enjoyed an excellent reputation in international horticulture since 1934.


Whole process managed centrally

We produce all the material used in our own workshop. And we engineer the entire project ourselves.

Completed projects

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